Our Beginnings to 1860

Will I own the beat once I purchase it from you?

No, unless you purchase an Exclusive License. It means that unless you purchase an Exclusive License Waskii retains the rights to the instrumental and can license it to other artists.

Are the beats I purchase tagged?

No, if you purchase a beat it will be delivered untagged. So the MP3, WAV and Trackouts/Stems will be without Waskii's producer tag.

Are the samples in your beats royalty free?

99% of them are roylaty free. It means that you don't have to clear them with the creator to use them. If they are not royalty free they will be clearly marked as such.

How do I credit you in my song?

Credit in the title is required where possible (Prod. by Waskii). You have to credit me in the description of the song and in the song credits on streaming services. For legal purposes use my full legal name: Bartosz Tylczynski.

What are Trackouts/Stems?

Trackouts and Stems are tracked out WAV files of the beat. Basiclly, it's every single instruments and sound of the beat in its own WAV file. They are perfect for custom arrangements and mixing.

I still have a question.

If you didn't find answers you were looking for, please email me at waskii.business@gmaill.com or dm me on Instagram @itswaskii.

Can I make a song with your free beat?

Yes, you can, however you can't post it online or make any profit with it. Free downloads are for demo/non-profit use only. You have to purchase a lease or exclusive rights in order to make any profit or post your track online.