Who We Are: Fort Dodge Community Foundation

The Fort Dodge Community Foundation is a 501-C-3 public charity. As a nationally certified community foundation, the Fort Dodge Community Foundation develops lasting legacies for community-minded citizens through funds that are designed to support the charitable goals of donors. From these funds, grants are made in support of a wide range of charitable causes, community projects and non-profit organizations that address a broad scope of current and long-term community needs and community betterment opportunities.

The Fort Dodge Community Foundation makes a constant effort to stay ahead of emerging issues in our community and county. We work in partnership with civic, government, business, educational and nonprofit leaders to identify and address important community needs and opportunities that will enhance the prosperity and vitality of our community and region. Constantly working to enhance the quality of life in our community, our mission is to help make the Fort Dodge area a place where people will want to live, work, play and raise their families.

For more information about the Fort Dodge Community Foundation please visit our website at www.fd-foundation.org.

Our Sources

We greatly appreciate the helpful assistance we have received from the Webster County Historical Society and the Messenger newspaper as sources of information used on this website. We have also used numerous other sources to help us glean historical information on the various people, periods, places and events that comprise our robust history and culture.

The information included in the bios and articles on this website has been garnered from numerous credible sources that we have used to accumulate and compile the information. Because this information is gleaned from different sources, we cannot attest to complete accuracy, but based on the credibility of our sources, we believe the information is truthful or very close to being accurate.

Historical research is not an exact science, and the accuracy of information on historical people and events can vary at times. This can occur because many of the accounts of history on people, places, and events is passed down from generation to generation based on people’s memories and personal perspectives. This information is usually transferred by oral or written communication, or in some cases, it is recorded in government records and newspaper articles. Sometimes historical information can create differences of opinion regarding certain facts and dates dealing with specific subject matter. For people that want to dig deeper into the subject matter presented on this website, we encourage them to do more extensive research.

We welcome any feedback.

List of Sources

Purpose of This Website

Some people think history is boring. Unfortunately, they probably don’t realize what they are missing. Our history is a giant story that tells us about the lives of people who lived decades, even hundreds of years before us. It can help us understand who we are and how we got here, and the culture we live in today.

We are fortunate to live (or have lived) in Fort Dodge and Webster County which has such a rich history that reflects the American pioneer spirit that made our country great.

Our community of Fort Dodge is blessed with a dynamic history, vibrant culture, valued traditions, and cherished nostalgia. This website places this information at your fingertips and encourages people of all ages to learn and embrace the robust history, culture, and fond memories of our community. The purpose of this website is to encourage people of all ages to learn about and appreciate the interesting and robust history, tradition, culture and nostalgia of our wonderful community of Fort Dodge.

Ten Reasons Why Learning, Embracing And Celebrating Our History Is Important

1. It Helps us Understand Fort Dodge and its Culture

One of the most important reasons to know our community’s history is so we can understand our community and culture today by knowing who and what created it. Learning about and understanding the events and people that built and shaped our community is incredibly important. Embracing our history and the people who made it will create respect for our community and pride in the place that we live.

2. It Provides us with a Sense of Identity

People are intrigued to know where they came from. How did my previous relatives come here? Is there any interesting family history? Were any of my relatives difference-makers for my community? Knowing the history of our community is very important in finding our own sense of identity.

3. It Helps us Understand Change

To understand society, knowing our history allows us a look into what causes change. The events that led to change in our community helps us understand how and why our community progressed through the decades. History gives us the opportunity to see how daily life changed over the years, and what went into the fostering that change. Knowing this can help us advance change for the better for our community today.

4. It Helps us Relate our own History to our Nation’s History

Educating ourselves about our community’s history can bring to life the history of our great nation and helps make our national history much more personal. When we learn about the stories of the pioneer settlers that risked everything, including their lives, to migrate across the uncharted territories and difficult terrain to come to Fort Dodge, we gain a much greater perspective and appreciation for our own history. It brings history to life.

5. It Helps us Preserves Stories

It is important to know about the stories of those before us. It is important to understand what those before us had to say, how they thought, and why they did what they had to do to survive and advance. We need to hear their stories, preserve them, and pass them down to those that will follow us.

6. It Inspire Us

Hearing the stories of those before us can inspire us to take action in our own lives and community. Knowing that our ancestors came to this country and had to overcome amazing obstacles and work their hardest for a better life, inspires us to work our hardest to continue that tradition for ourselves and for the sake of future generations. Our past can have a huge impact on our future, and we need that inspiration to teach us that.

7. It Teaches Us Warning Signs

Learning from our history is very important. Knowing about and understanding the positive and negative events of the past can teach us a lot about addressing the future. It will teach us about the warning signs of challenges ahead. Society has been able to take these warning signs and fight against them when they see them in the present day. Knowing what events led up to a large occasion helps up better predict and influence our future.

8. It Helps Us Be Better People

Some people view history as a boring and unimportant, but one of the most critical reasons to study history is that it will make us better people. We will have a better understanding of our community and culture and how it shaped us into the community we are today. We will understand the suffering, the joy, and the chaos that was necessary to make the present day happen.

9. It Helps us Sustain Wonderful Traditions

The traditions of a community that are passed on to future generations help us maintain a sense of appreciation and understanding or who we are. They often become a part of our persona. We certainly understand this about our personal family traditions, but the same is true for our community traditions. It is important to embrace them and celebrate them.

10. It Offers us Memorable Nostalgia

Memories of our past, especially the good times – the fun times, can truly enrich our lives. They create an indelible place in our hearts. They warm our hearts, they bring smiles to our faces, and they even inspire us. The fun and heart-warming events of the past helped form our character and our identity. They are important to us and need to be appreciated, embraced, enjoyed, and never forgotten.